Natural Raw Amethyst Crystal Nugget Necklace Chain 50cm Healing Reiki Chakra

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Natural Raw Amethyst

Crystal Necklace

Stainless Steel Setting

pendant: approx 20 - 28 mm x 15 - 25 mm

Stainless steel Chain: 50  cm / 19.7  inch

Natural Gemstones will vary slightly in colour, shape and hue from stone to stone


Various cultures throughout the ages have believed that gemstones emit various vibrations and frequencies - potentially balancing and healing body, mind, and spirit.

Amethyst - increases vivid dreams, relieves depression, promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. Helps with addiction and stress. Headaches; blood sugar imbalance; Left brain imbalances; edginess; facilitates healing; inner peace; psychic insight; stimulates third eye; aid for meditation, spiritual opening & internal surrender.

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